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Who is AWUDI. ?

Sena Miriam Awudi is a Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter, and aspiring star. Growing up in the DMV area, she was introduced to a plethora of different sounds which she has used to influence her music. Her sound ranges from Pop and R&B, to Funk, Indie, Afro-beats and more. Some of her inspirations include Lauryn Hill, Erykah Badu and BTS. Awudi has always gravitated toward music, whether it was learning to sing her favorite songs or performing in a choir. Over the years, she’s accumulated experience from performing in musicals as well as performing solos! She attended Sloan School of Music, where she worked one-on-one with a coach to perfect her singing, songwriting, and overall music education. At the age of 16, Awudi began writing her own songs using instrumentals she found online, which she would go on to record over in studio sessions. As a musician, one of Awudi’s goals is to be an MC for youth all around the world. She writes about life in ways that she feels no one else has touched on, and aims to bring healing with her music. She hopes to dedicate her future to pursuing her passion for singing and writing, and inspiring all walks of life in hopes of bringing the global music industry together.